Characters not moving on path correctly

I’ve developed a demo for choosing & using a character across multiple scenes, and while the demo is working, I’ve encountered an odd issue when moving a couple of characters along a Straight Path, and I can’t understand why this might be occurring: the characters start near the end of the Path.

The weird thing is that it only occurs for 2 characters (Regular Boy & Casual Boy), and only on a particular path (Straight Path).

If someone could test and confirm this issue, I’d appreciate it. I’d like to fix it before moving to Gallery.

@Stefan, @mikhailo, any ideas?


Hi, Geoff,

character starts moving from the path’s point which is nearest to it’s current location. This behavior was implemented on purpose to provide a way to set up start point.

To start from the begining of path attach all characters to path’s start point.

Hi @mikhailo,

Thanks for clarifying - I had always thought they started at the beginning of the path, or the nearest attach point, rather than the nearest place-on-the-path. It is an interesting quirk that Items placed beyond the end point of a straight path start at the beginning of the path - see this CoSpace demo:

The Attach CoBlock doesn’t seem to support attaching to paths - do you have any workaround suggestions (other than using a helper object for setting positions, which is the workaround I’ve implemented for the CoSpace in my initial post)?

Many thanks,