Chasing Enemy not following

Question from my students–

We created a chasing enemy (the owl), but it doesn’t follow the player upwards. The obstacle course we created is elevated and rises as the player progresses, but the owl does not follow upwards.

Here is their CoSpaces project. Any help is appreciated!

Here is their code for the chasing enemy:

Hi @Gabriela_Porras,

  1. Take the collision event out of the forever loop and put it just before the block. Event blocks are constantly listening out for an event, even after that event first occurs, and therefore only need to be declared once (unless stopped later).

  2. The Turn Item to look at Item CoBlock only rotates on the Z axis. Use turn Item to look at x/y/z and drop position of Item into the 2nd paramater (x/y/z) like this:

    You’ll need to enable Advanced CoBlocks to access this CoBlock.

  3. The CoSpace link has reached it’s view limit of 1000 views - to remove this, make it remixable (which will also allow others to debug it).

Hope that helps! If this solves your problem please mark this post as the Solution.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap