Chest not working

I have a chest in my pirate island game that used to work but it does not anymore. When I click it, it used to open and it would allow you to go to the ship and win the game and when you clicked it again it closed.
It doesn’t do that anymore therefore there is no point to it. Here is the link to it if you can see what is wrong

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Hi @Marco_Gonterman,

If you run into problems with your code you can use the CoBlocks debugger while playing your scene to see what CoBlocks code is currently running :slight_smile: To use the debugger, simply click the code icon in the top right of your screen while you play.

Looks like your play music block is stopping all code. Make sure to set “wait until finished” to false, and to move the music block out of the forever-block.

Ok I will try that thank you.