Choice block - loop back

for this new choice block - if we were to present user with 2 options - option A and option B. if B is wrong option, I would like user to re-attempt. how do i do that? welcome suggestions. thank you.


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Hi @el2020,

There are a few ways how you can achieve this.

Approach a)
You use a repeat while CoBlock with a variable and place the question CoBlock inside of it. The variable controls if the question should be repeated or not. Here’s an example:

We recommend using this approach because it’s the most efficient :slight_smile:

Approach b)
You can place the question it into a function block, and call the function again whenever you need. Here’s an example:

Below you can find a remixable space with both examples! Keep in mind that if you want to show if the user is right or wrong you can use the show quiz panel - CoBlocks :slight_smile: