Co-spaces logo / branding - can we remove?

when we transit b/w scenes, there’s the co-spaces branding logo.
is it possible to remove the branding as i am a paid subscriber ? thanks.

hey there, is there a way to white-label / remove the co-spaces edu text during scene transitions? thanks.

This screen is there for a reason: it is displayed while content of your scene is being downloaded over the internet. Regardless of your subscription type you still have to download images, sounds and 3D assets from CoSpaces servers in order to display them in your scene.

We currently don’t offer an ability to avoid displaying loading screen or to replace CoSpaces branding there with anything else. However, you can use various techniques to reduce size of your assets and speed up loading, thus reducing the time loading screen is displayed.

thanks. does it load faster on a laptop vs mobile device (co-spaces app)? i am trying to identify fastest medium to run the co spaces creation. thanks for advice.