Coding a Groups of Objects to say/think

My students each built a robot for their scene from the building blocks and have grouped the pieces together. They’ve named it to use with blockly, and many of them would like to use the hover/speech bubble code to help retell the part of their story.

It seems to work fine if you want to code it to move, but we weren’t able to drag and drop it when they were trying to code their robot to have a speech or thinking bubble. It seems you can only drop grouped items into certain blockly codes. Any idea why?

You’re right. At the moment the “say” and “think” blocks don’t work with groups. We consider to change this in the future.

But you can enable the individual pieces for Blockly before you group them. Then you can still access these items in the “say” and “think” blocks in addition to the group. It should totally work for what your students are trying to do with the robot.



Thank you for the tip!! :+1:

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using hierarchy you can also enable the individual pieces for Blockly after you group them


Yes right, thank you!

How might I hide a speech or thought bubble?

Hi Jamie Sullivan,
To hide a speech or though bubble is simple. Simply add a say or think block and make sure the green part where the text is is blank. This should remove the text that your object it currently saying with the speech bubble