Coding good character movement

Kia ora everyone,

I’m trying to develop a good character-moves-with-camera rig, and have the start of one at (remixable).

There’s quite a few things to iron out:

  1. It only works with arrow keys currently, but would like to get it working with mouse too.
  2. Because the character is a child of the camera, and I’m taking over keyboard controls, it doesn’t respect the physical geography, and can go under the landscape. (or is this a feature? :laughing:)
  3. Pressing multiple keys at the same time can result in the character losing the correct mapping of direction to keys.

This project is remixable, so feel free to add your fixes and update in this post.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap

Hi Geoff

Have you made any progress on that? I’m experiencing the same problems you mention; especially 2 is really annoying, as I would like my character to go through a jump’n run style parcours.


Hi Seb, yes, I have made some progress, now that I’m older and wiser:

  1. I only use up/left/right/w/a/d keys, and disable down/s keys and mouse.
  2. I just accept this part of it, or use physics-based movement and put in my own physics-enabled objects to get it how I want it to behave

I’m still having issues with a physics-based approach, and will be reaching out to the devs (@Nikolay) today to share some interesting physics issues.

Haven’t cracked it yet, but getting closer :slight_smile:

Geoff @ TechLeap

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