Collisions with grouped objects

My students have created a type of flight simulator by grouping the camera with the plane (Group14 in this space). But, the grouped plane/camera doesn’t detect collisions and therefore drops below the surface of the space and drives through buildings. The physics functions are not available with the grouped object. I’d be grateful for any advice.
Many thanks.

Kia ora Mary

I went to have a look at your space. Was fun flying around although I didn’t really know what keys to use.
Have you tried just adding collision coding to the plane itself rather than the grouped object? The camera doesn’t really need to be part of that and it may help game play. If you could share your code, it would be great to see what you have done so far.

Looks like it will be a fun space though, love the work students have done creating the runway :slight_smile:

Hi Iain

I appreciate you taking a look at this. I have some clever Year 8s who are teaching me a thing or two and they’re so keen to see it working.

I am sending another link as I have been messing about with the previous one trying things out. I have shared it with remixes allowed, so are you able to make a copy and see the code? The students have coded ‘e’ to fly the plane up, ‘f’ to go down and a/s/d/w for the other directions. The landing is the problem as it goes below the ground. Airplane simulation

I found that setting physics for collisions didn’t allow the plane to get off the ground.

Thanks again.


Hi Mary,

I’ve had a little play and see if this is what you are after. Check out the aircraft code.

Thanks a lot Iain. That’s a good workaround. I’ll see how they go tomorrow. Really appreciate your help.

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My pleasure Mary.
It is a work around as at the moment there is no way to interact with the environment beyond the build grid. I have submitted a feature request to see if we can add collision detection to the wider environment model as this could be useful in several senarios.