Comment reconnaitre que le score final est atteint et mettre fin au jeu

Hello, my user has to search for 5 dangerous situations in my scene. When the 5 situations are found I would like the game to end with an image like “Well done, you did it”.
How do I code this? Here is the link to my scenes. .

You can use variables to store your data then constantly check if the condition is met.
Your link doesn’t seem working or you didn’t properly share your space. In order to help you try to share a remixable space. This how to do this

Thank you.
Here is my new link :
If you could have a look? :pray:

Check this

I hope it fits your need. You can add the image you want.
Good luck.

Thank you tajajtsidi,
but i can remixe le cospace to watch the code.
Can you help me?

You need to be in pro plan to remix it. If yes, click on this button to remix it

Thanks a lot, its works!!!
Thank U