Connect to an external input device in VR mode?

Hi, everyone,

I’m a little new here, so forgive me if there is another thread about this and I’m missing it.

I was wondering whether there is talk of being able to connect other input devices while in VR mode to expand functionality. For instance, connecting a Bluetooth keyboard or game controller to your phone so that you can have more user interaction.

I’m sure this is no easy feat, but I was curious as to whether it was in the works or if anyone had any other thoughts on it.


Hi @Leslie_Chabala, there is a Gamepad API for web browsers which I’m sure CoSpaces devs are aware of. Not sure what the demand for this would be at this point in time - my guess is that most students use mobile devices without controllers - however this will change over time.

I’d add it as a Feature Request if it isn’t already on the roadmap.

Geoff @ TechLeap

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Thanks, Geoff. I have encountered quite a few potential student projects that would be greatly helped by the ability to give different types of input during play. For example, an extra button would allow users to easily jump or fire a weapon in VR in addition to movement. While it seems like there’s still not many games like this using phones (as opposed to game systems like PlayStation VR), I’d love to see this feature added!

There is an “events” block that lets you create an action when a certain keyboard key is pressed. I’ve been thinking about trying this out with a Makey Makey! Students can create their own input device using a makey makey with a computer (instead of a VR headset).