Connection between cospaces app and phone's gps location

Did anyone try to use phone’s gps in a cospace?

Yoni Vasilevski
Ohalo College

Hello world!
I’m trying to use Javascript to get phones GPS coordinates and use in a game I’m creating for my students. Did anyone try to do it already?

Hi @yoni ,

thank you for you request. We do not have that API at the moment, but we will consider your request.

Hi there,
thanks for the reply.
I found a way to use a 3rd party app to overcome the problem however I would like to suggest
to open typescript for implementing GPS in the app.

thanks again,

It is very interesting what you did with it, could you please share your CoSpaces so I can take a look?

I built a 3D representation of an archeological site and now I am trying to make the camera move with the gps so I can plant some riddles in VR.
for now I just use 360 images connected to gps, and when I come to a certain point in the site, the 3rd party app opens CoSpace with 360 imaging.

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