Copy a space from one account to another

I have two CoSpaces Edu accounts, as a “teacher”. An account for my students and an account for a workshop outside my school.
What is the simplest way to copy a space from one account to another?
Thank you.

Hi Daniel,

at the moment there is no simple way to do so. But you can select the content of a scene and paste it into another scene which can be on a different account.

Not very easy when there are several scenes, especially for the Blockly code (I have to copy each function one by one …).

Yes I agree, we are looking into solutions to this issue.

But a student can share the spaces from the “FREE PLAY” category with the teacher.

The teacher then can access these spaces in the “Account management”.

Also, a student can copy to “FREE PLAY” from “Assignments”.

Hi - I’m following up on this thread. Has there been an update to this issue?

I need to transfer a space from one teacher account to another, which includes some Blocky code.


Hi Lance,
This is still something that we do not have, but should have, so I would like to ask you to send your request to and there my colleagues can start the process so that users can have this function as soon as possible. Thank you!