Copy Code (remix) an environement

Wondering if there is an option or if there is a plan to create a remix option where students and teachers can see other peoples code and photospheres. As a teacher, I would like one student to make scene 1, then another student make scene 2 and so on. Scratch or Tinkercad have these options if it is made public or even easier if the URL link is sent to another student or from teacher to student.


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HI @mpage,

being able to remix other student (and teacher) creations is something we’re looking into! Currently, only CoSpaces team creations can be remixed.

Good to know that the functionality exists, and that it’s just a case of assigning permission! I know you want to get it right, so maybe trialing with a few CoSpaces ambassadors would be helpful? Building in functionality to allow this sort of testing would help speed up dev & test of new features. Just a thought :slight_smile:


If this happens, sign me up.