CoSpace Competition

Hello everyone,
I saw in the forum that in the past some ambassadors created some “CoSpace Competition”. There is anyone now that want to ricreate something like that? I think also CoSpaces team could do this (maybe adding a little prize like a pro account and streaming live or offline the competition on CoSpaces’ YouTubr Channel) and it may be very cool! @CoSpacesEdu @CoSpaces @Stefan


Hi @Alessio_Bonini,
I’m sure that would be really cool, however, I don’t think we would be able to use this forum as a base for a coding competition since this forum is for people who have difficulty with projects wanting help. I’m sure you can find an alternative way of doing this, for example making a google site and posting it in the gallery.


I think this would be a cool idea. I would help if help is needed.


Thank you very much, but i think it is better if the cospaces team works on it. I also could help with you of course.

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Anyone knows if there is a CoSpace competition that is starting or if any ambassador or anyone else want to start create a competition? @Stefan @Coralie @CoSpacesEdu @CoSpaces @techleapnz @Tamara.Koehler @astrid_hulsebosch

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So fare as I know @EdTechnocation organizes important game challenges. I don’t remember online or offline. ( I hope I have a good memory)


Very cool, thank you. I am going to contact him for more information.

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I am still looking for competitions waiting the response of @EdTechnocation

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Hi @Alessio_Bonini I did a little research and found this for you. Tell me if this helps you

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Thank you, I visited the site and it is very cool, I will see if they organize competition that I can join.

yay thanks but would non-pro accounts still be able to join?

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Yes of course, but they will not be able to use advanced coblocks and so it will be really hard for them to make a good competition.