CoSpaces and Oculus Rift

Had a great session today with grade 5/6 students and returning next week for more sessions. Over the last few weeks I have been working in classrooms and with teachers and just had a few questions.

  1. I know that coding is not yet available on the iPad app is that the same for attaching objects as well?
  2. Also, I have limited experience with Occulus Rift (mainly because our schools here don;t have them). But I am travelling to a school in another district on Monday and the have Occulus. Does CoSpaces work with that?

Nice to hear that your last sessions were great!

Regarding your questions. For now the attach feature is only available in the web app but we’re working on mobile support as well.

CoSpaces Edu supports WebVR. With that it’s possible to experience VR applications in the browser. The newest versions of Firefox and Edge support it already. But Oculus is recommending Firefox (on Windows) for the Rift headset. So when the Oculus Rift is connected and you open CoSpaces Edu in the newest Firefox browser there should be a “VR headset” icon in the bottom right hand corner.

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Works like a charm on on Windows 10/Firefox but not edge.

Ok, good to know. Thank you!

I am having a hard time getting it to work with the rift even using firefox. I even checked my oculus home settings and made sure it was set for allowing unknown sources. Seems like it wants to keep going back to oculus home and from there i can’t get back to firefox


In the headset it appears to be trying to load in firefox, but then i get a message, Sorry, Firefox is taking a while to load. If this issue persists, please take off your headset and check this app on your computer. The co-spaces demo is running fine on the computer, so it is something to do with connecting to the headset.

I’m having a different issue with Oculus Rift and Firefox.

Although the scene loads fine, and I am able to use the touch controllers to click on objects, I am unable to move beyond the distance I can physically walk.

Is this the same for other people? Or am I missing something simple?

Hi @dougmillie,

This sounds like a camera related issue. Check if your camera mode is set to walking.

Also feel free to share the space with us so we can test if everything works as expected :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue with Oculus Rift. Scene loads but I am unable to physically walk. Camera mode is set to walking.