CoSpaces App on Chromebook Lenovo 100e crashes after clicking Play button

I am using a Chromebook Lenovo 100e and the CoSpaces Edu app from the Google Play Store. When I am in the CoSpace edit mode (using the Merge Cube template) and click the “Play” button on the upper right of the screen, the CoSpaces Edu app simply quits and I am back to the Chrome OS desktop. It should let me use the Chromebook camera with the Merge Cube to see the CoSpace in AR, but it just crashes/quits out. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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That computer does seem to be five to six years old, if it’s crashing, it’s probably because it is just old. I don’t know of anything you can really do besides trying to make some space for it. (You can do that by deleting unused apps, deleting big files, etc.)
Hope that helps!