Cospaces AR - audio won't play while recording

Hi - I’m using the AR feature of the cospaces a LOT! It is terrific. However, when I try to record the AR video on the iPad, it records the video but not the audio connected with it. When I just play the scene using the AR mode, there is no problem. Is there something I’m not doing? The scene has a starfish and a whale. When you click on the starfish, an audio plays and then the whale appears. I’m building a listening activity for some of my very young students, and eventually want my older students to make these activities in cospaces for the younger students.


I have the same question. I have students who are recording voice overs and when they scan the merge cube the audio doesn’t play.

I have uploaded mp3’s. I have them coded in. Works fine. However, when I want to create a video when I’m using the Merge Cube, there is no audio…ever on playback. It works when I’m just using it, but when the video is downloaded there isn’t any audio. I’ve tried everything on my phone, but doesn’t seem to be the issue. Help?

Hi @WPenner,

Videos made with the CoSpaces Edu recording feature do not save sound right now. But it’s something we’re thinking of supporting in the future :slight_smile:

What kind of audio would you want to record? The sounds that come from the app, or the sounds picked up by your phone?


Yes! I would love to be able to have students explain their merge Cube when we record it and utilize the microphone on the iPad. My students have been writing stories to go with their Cube.

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I think both options would be useful: recording the sounds that were coded in the scene in order to have the full experience and recording voice over to narrate or explain choices, etc.

Are there any plans to make the sound available on the ipad? Students have been recording files in their merge cube projects and we want them to use the merge cubes to share their projects but the sound doesn’t work on the ipads- this is pretty frustrating because they are able to record and code on the ipads but then not hear their recordings