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Hello everyone,
I am writing this post to ask a coupe of questions regarding the differences between Pro and basic. I was working on a VR space for my teacher but when I logged in today I was greeted with my account being downgraded to basic and therefore revoking any edits I want to make to my VR space. Is there a way to re-edit the space in cospaces basic? why was I downgraded to basic ?
thank you so much for your help

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Hi Luc,

I guess the “Pro” trial is expired. Can you ask your teacher?

In “Basic” you don’t have access to all features, means if you have build spaces using “Pro” then these spaces are now “read only” in “Basic”.

Thank you so much for your reply. Is there any way to get my work back into basic ? My teacher was not aware he was on the trial PRO version and it did run out (you were right). After all the work I added into my program, it would be great if I could restore it. In other programs, it is possible to revert your work with all of the Pro functions disabled. Is this the same for Co spaces or can I extend the pro trial in order to get my work back ?

Hi Luc,

You should still be able to view your work in Basic, but in order to edit spaces that were created with CoSpaces Edu Pro, it is necessary to be using the Pro version.

Have a great weekend!

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