CoSpaces Edu Quick Start

There are many possibilities in CoSpaces Edu and this thread will give you a quick start guide to the basic functions.

To resize an object, simply select the item you wish to resize and then click and drag the resize button (highlighted) up or down, depending on whether you want the item to be bigger or smaller.

You can elevate items using the button to the left of the scale button. Drag this up or down to raise or lower your obejct.

You can select the top function on a highlighted character to change the rotation of your objects.

Select this button and the layout of your character will change to represent the X, Y & Z axes. Click on the colored lines and drag to change the rotation of your object.

By double clicking on a character, you will enter the inspector - here you can change the name of your object, the color, select an animation, attach it to another object and duplicate or delete the item.