CoSpaces Edu Tech Check

CoSpaces Edu has been made to be as accessible as possible. All you need to enjoy the experience is a desktop, laptop, Chromebook, mobile or tablet with a working and up-to-date internet browser. The creation process happens inside the browser or the app. When you are ready to experience your virtual creation, you can use any of the above devices to explore. However, you can also utilize a smartphone or tablet for a 360° viewing experience, or a smartphone and headset for the full virtual reality adventure. As CoSpaces Edu runs on the mobile app, all you need is a basic headset - these can be made with cardboard by your students, or you can purchase some at a very reasonable price.

Ben, Using a cardboard or other VR headset, how do students move forward or click on objects in the cospaces environment?

Hi Jo, thanks for getting in touch.

If you’re using a cardboard headset, then there is typically a hole underneath where your finger will fit in order to tap your mobile screen and trigger any interaction such as moving forward or selecting an object. Other headsets, like the viewmaster, have an external button or magnet that can be pressed to trigger actions.

I hope this helps…

I like to set the code to “on hover” instead of “on activate” to remedy this exact issue. Not foolproof, but makes for a better user experience.

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I noticed that when using an iPhone 8 and a headset with a magnet, the actions will not be triggered. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Fabian,

the magnetic button doesn’t work with CoSpaces on iOS, only Android.

Ok. Thanks! Is there a plan of incorporating it at some point?

Is this still true? I’m using a Samsung Edge 7 and when I try and view a space, my only option is the app store. Can CoSpaces still run in browser?

Hi @M_Dixon,

CoSpaces can be used on PC via the web browser. To use (and view) CoSpaces on iOS or Android you need to install the app.

Dear CoSapces Team,

Excuse me. I would like to ask if Acer Chromebook Spin 512
R851TN can support CoSpaces Edu.
I understand that it works with the chrome browser for creating and editing new space. I would also like to know if it can install CoSpaces Edu App for viewing the AR work (seeing that it supports ARCore).

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