CoSpaces lagging badly in build mode

I have 90 students working in CS Pro. Some of them experience severe lagging, search for a character doesn’t work, or characters are hard to move around. Their wifi signal is fine and they’re working on Windows 10 machines. Has anyone encountered this?

Hi @eloeswick2,

Are they using Google Chrome? Is it laggy in View Mode? If so, see to learn how to enable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome.

Moving things around sounds like a computer memory/CPU issue, rather than an issue with the app itself.

Hope it’s just a temporary issue for you.

Geoff @ TechLeap

Cospaces was lagging out at the end of my class around June 8.
I checked in today because I have a camp that uses it, and it looks like it’s still super laggy.
I have really good download & upload speeds, a gaming computer, Chrome set up for acceleration, CPU, Memory, & GPU use all fine.
It’s laggy in all modes, even to the point where I can’t load in a student’s project at all.
I’m getting a bit concerned that I’ll have to cancel the camp I’m supposed to be running next week. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!!

Sorry to hear that, Dan. Have you tried doing a hard refresh to clear the cache for the page/site? (Ctrl+Shift+R or Command+Shift+R or hold down Ctrl and press the reload icon) I find this helps when CoSpaces is misbehaving.