CoSpaces Oculus Go No Longer Available?

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We recently went to use the CoSpaces app on our Oculus Go headsets, and found a message informing us that our version of the CoSpaces app was out of date, and that we need to update our app in order to use it again.

I’m asking if there has been an update pushed to the Oculus Go version of the CoSpaces app or if there is something else going on? Has anyone else encountered this yet? Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app from scratch and still receiving the same message. It also appears that the CoSpaces app is no longer listed on the Oculus Go store which is a bit concerning…

H there,
Yes unfortunately the oculus go is now a discontinued device and no longer in production. This means that the CoSpaces app will no longer work on the go

But there is good news! You can still use the oculus browser on the Go to view your CoSpaces.

I bookmark the CoSpaces gallery on the headset so that students can quickly access it and put in their share codes

Hi iaincb,

Thanks for responding. Do you know if this is an active choice from the CoSpaces team to remove the app from the store themselves or if its a part of the discontinuation by Oculus?

All of our other apps are working fine. We have 10 headsets, and the CoSpaces app is still functional and working on half of them. It just seems very arbitrary. If someone could provide some info or insight as to what exactly is the issue here I’d greatly appreciate it.

CoSpaces is our most used app, it would be a great shame to no longer have access to it in its native environment anymore.


Hi iaincb,

That’s a good work around. Thanks for sharing that! I tried it and it works well. Do you know of an easy way to access the bookmarked website? It seems like the only way to do it is clicking the menu item and then Bookmarks. Is there a more obvious way to place that bookmark somewhere for small learners to quickly find?


We use Grove XR management with our headsets. We only have three headsets that cycle around the class as students need to use them.

Grove is free for 3 devices or less, and it makes using the headsets in class a lot easier as you can push content out to them and monitor what the user is doing.

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Dude! That is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I have a class set of 25 Oculus Go and would love be to be able to see what the learners are seeing. This will be a game changer for me. You are totally awesome!

No worries! Have fun exploring Grove and sing out if you need anymore help :grinning:

Hi Ian can you tell me what are actually good headsets to explore CoSpaces.

Hi Astrid,

We now use the Oculus Quest 2. It’s a great headset and there are some awesome apps for creation on it. Price is very good too compared to other VR systems.
We also use GroveXR to manage the headsets. It lets us see what students are experiencing, pause the headsets, and send content directly rather than having the students navigate (really useful for younger students and to streamline lesson delivery)

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How do you manage the FB accounts, @iaincb? I would have thought this would be a rather major stumbling block?


Hi Geoff

We’ve found that we can use just one account for all the headsets.
I know this means that some multiplayer games would not work, but we do not use the headsets for gaming! (:sunglasses: although we have had some hilarious staff dos with them).
If in the future we need to move to multiple accounts, we would manage that. Our current account is very tightly locked down so it only gives us the functionality we need.


So who’s Facebook account gets used? Accounts have to be tied to a real person, correct? Does the software you mentioned above allow you to lock it down? I was able to make a separate Oculus account for my clubs, but the FB account requirement will put an end to that.

Geoff @ TechLeap