Cospaces with Daydream

After more than 1 year experimenting Cospaces in classroom with Cardboard-based visors, I just tested the new Daydream release.
Two of the main new features I like are related with the remote control usage: the point-and-click UI and the ability to move around using the touchpad.
I’m wondering if there are any new commands (with coblocks or script) that can take advantage of those and other Daydream features.
I’m thinking mostly (but not only) about the possibility of implementing ‘Object manipulation’ like it is in the Daydream Elements app. This could open a new world of opportunities for education apps.
Thanks in advance!

H, @mariochiesa,

In the current version we don’t have platform-specific CoBlocks (e.g. special input blocks that would react to VR-Controller input only) or VR item manipulation, but they’re certainly features we consider for the future. :slight_smile:

With that in mind, please let us know what kind of VR & AR-specific CoBlocks you’d like to see. They’ll be something we keep in mind while developing new features!