CoSpacesEdu - Lesson on Halloween

Welcome everyone,

I teach a technology class in ASES Afterschool program which I have 5th & 6th graders working on CoSpacesEdu. Let me say by far it has an amazing experience of joy seeing their imagination come to life, students create projects. CoSpacesEdu. A great start that my students used was the sample student presentation on the gallery. It has been a rewarding experience for all of them, there smiles and they are eager to learn more and more. This month they are currently working on a Halloween Theme Project based on - Halloween Carnival. One thing I’ve seen with using CoSpacesEdu they like to explore and use the tools to resize, objects, add gifs, it is a very motivational for students to use CoSpacesEdu. If anyone is interested in seeing the projects my students are doing please visit my twitter @pctechdv


David Valenzuela
Computer Lab Supervisor