Courses for Cospaces

Hey All

Finally trying out the trail to see if I want to purchase the full product for myself before going ahead and trying to get my school to invest. I am pretty confident with most of the features and most of the blocks, but I was wondering if anyone knew about any good courses for the CoBlocks side of things? I am by no means a programmer, but the CoBlocks is something I want to get better at, I know you can find specific things through Youtube, but are there any courses or a walkthrough to get you up and running and maybe understanding the coding side a little better?

Who knows, it might lead to me learning some basic coding. I would really like to learn more so I can do more with this in class with my students.

Thanks All!

Hi @Heckerman,

There’s a good YouTube playlist which has a wealth of CoBlocks & CoSpaces tutorials at

Remixing a CoSpace is also a great way to explore how a something is achieved with coding, and I’d encourage you to do this, in addition to trying out some of the CoSpaces Edu lesson plans to use in the classroom and checking out the CoSpaces Edu Pro training & PD

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Geoff @ TechLeap