Create objects / primitives n save the 3d model

is it possible to create 3D objects from primities and then export as 3D models from cospaces? thks!

There are primitives in the Library, but you cannot manipulate them in the way you are probably thinking of; however, you can create 3D objects from primitives in TinkerCAD (or similar online platforms), export to .OBJ, then import into CoSpaces!




Thank you so much. I was looking for this answer for a while, but what about the animations; how could I animate the created object.

All the best.

You would need to import the TinkerCAD model into Blender to animate it.

If you create the model in CoSpaces, you can also animate it in CoSpaces.

Ok Thank you @techleapnz . What I exactly want is create my own animated object that I can manipulate in cospaces. As you know, lots of objects don’t exist in cospaces and if I download an object with Polly, there no animations in it. I hope I can do this in Blender.

Thank you in advance.

You cannot import animations into CoSpaces currently - you would need to break your model into parts, upload the parts to CoSpaces and animate the parts individually. Complex armature is not possible in CoSpaces currently.

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