Creating a 'floor' that if you touch it you reset the scene

A lot of my students are trying to create games in which they land on the ground and go back to the beginning. A couple of students have even posted on here about this. In some games, if you touch the ‘ground’ (it is actually a square that we make invisible and put on the ground), you go back to the beginning some times, and sometimes you don’t. On one student’s game, you will go back to the beginning when you touch the square in certain places, but not in other places. Please help!

Hey @Kelly_Nickell,

You can have a look at this tutorial:

It includes a part about this problem and how to solve it!

I hope that helps!

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply. However, in Scene 2 in this game, when the player lands on the ground/floor, they don’t go back to the start unless they are in 2-3 specific locations. Why is this happening?


Hi @Kelly_Nickell,

there are two text areas on the scene and they are located over the ground square. So the player walks over them on a small height and doesn’t touch the ground square.
Student can lower text areas, make them smaller or raise the ground square to obtain the desired result.

I hope that helps