Creating a virtual tour to post on our school website

Hello community! I am very new to CoSpaces, so I apologize if this is a rookie question, but I am teaching an elective for the first time this semester called STEAM Powered Science, in which we will be learning a bit of block coding, VR/AR design, 3D design and 3D printing. We are starting with CoSpaces Edu, and my hope was for the students to learn the basic skills and use them (and our 360 camera) to build a virtual tour of our school with interactive components.
My question is: when it’s done, will there be some way save our product and/or post it on the school website? Or will everyone who wants to see it need to install the CoSpaces app? I’m concerned that A: students/parents in our community probably wont want to install an app to access the tour, and B: If the tour is ONLY hosted on the CoSpaces server, we would lose access to our work if we don’t keep paying for “pro” seats every year.

Hi @Nicholas_Stahl,

A: You can share your CoSpaces via links, QR codes, or even embed them on your website - all that students/parents need is a web browser - app installation is optional.

B: Your CoSpaces will still be available for viewing if you go back to Basic.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this. If this solves your problem, please mark this post as the Solution.

Many thanks,
Geoff @ TechLeap


Exactly wit @techleapnz said. He is the main expert. Although I also suggest to public your project in the CoSpaces Gallery if you don’t have special privacy issues to protect. In this way you can be sure that you project will be showed for ever and you will be able to access at the link and embed code.
You can visit a CoSpaces created and conserved in a free account but it will not show the embed code anymore. If you share the link it will ask you the share code. If embedded your CoSpaces you can access without a code or an app

Just try out to see the difference:

  1. Free account (shared link) CoSpaces Edu: Make AR & VR in the classroom
  2. CoSpaces shared in the CoSpaces gallery