Creating checkpoints in a parkour game

Hello. My students are making parkour games where the camera jumps over platforms and the player wants to avoid falling to the ground. The students are interested in creating checkpoints so they can return the camera/player to the last checkpoint rather than to the beginning of the scene if they fall to the ground. We are having trouble moving the camera to the position of a checkpoint. Our code (using ‘move camera to position of ____’ seems to move the camera to the correct position but not to the correct height (z?). There is an example in this cospace CoSpaces Edu :: Learning about checkpoints . Thank you.

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The correct ‘z’ is the ‘z’ of the respawning platform. If the spawn is bugged try to increase the height of the command that sets the player’s position.

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It seems that the positions are working well in my game, but for some reason the camera does not sense the checkpoints. Any help?

Make sure the Camera is the 2nd parameter in your collision events, not the 1st.

See Problems with the camera/player in a Parkour Game - #2 by techleapnz for details.