Cropping objects

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can crop objects? I would like to crop the brown book on the right side out. Thanks.

Hi @sn10 , cropping is not possible yet.
Have you tried to change the books of side in order to merge the book with the library?

sorry but what do you mean by that? :frowning: @DaniYubero

Sure, sorry.

I mean, if you move the books to the right, you can introduce the fallen book into the wood.

Another option is to import a 3D model from sketchfav.

@DaniYubero Sadly,I tried doing that but it didn’t work. I need the whole shelf to be filled with books too so that’s a little tricky!

By the way, I tried uploading this but the color turned out to be different from its original color. If you don’t mind, could you please help me to take a look at it?

maya2sketchfab.fbx (290 KB)

Sure! I’ll do it tomorrow, I don’t have the laptop now.

So, then, best option is to download models from sketchfab and use those in to an empty library. Let me show you.

When you download a 3D object, you must to select a format. Depending the option you choose, you can introduce textures or not. So, what´s the problem with your object that change colors? it´s textures are not being uploaded.

My suggestion is to select format .glb and upload it.


Another option can be to select just the lonely book and duplicate it ten or twelve times, this will let you freedom to design how you like you books.

To fill the other levels, you can make a group and duplicate the whole group again

Hope this help you.

Daniel Yubero.

You have been a great help, thank you so much!