Custom 3D uploads - Camera Collision

Has something been changed with camera collision settings associated with imported 3D models?

Last week, we were able to import custom STL files and use the play mode to climb on and interact with these 3D models. Now it seems like they are blocked by the invisible boundary lines of the imported object.

Any clarification regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Just figured out that if you reupload the models, you can resolve the problem. Nevertheless, this is still an issue for some of my students who have been working on their class projects for weeks (it’s not feasible for them to delete and restart/recode their current 3D environments).

It’s strange that these exisiting models have developed this problem. Is there another way to work around this problem?

Hi @tpapworth,

Could you share an example space your students encountered this problem in? Until recently, all 3D items that were uploaded would always use a box-collision for the camera. Already created items would continue to use the same kind of collision they were initially created with.

Thanks for replying, Stefan.

Yes, earlier this year I used CoSpaces with another class and we quickly discovered the box-collision camera issues. Nevertheless, I recently started using CoSpaces again with a new class and I was happy to see that this had been resolved - Nevertheless, after logging in today, my class soon discovered that their imported objects had reverted back to the box-collision mode. Many of my students were quite distressed given the fact that they had worked on these custom models for weeks and they have now lost their interactivity.

Here’s an example of one virtual colony -
The tower is a good example of the loss in functionality. You used to be able to walk between the legs of the grey tower and jump up the ladder, however, the box collision is now on and there is an invisible wall blocking the camera. I’ve discovered if I re-upload the model and import back into the environment it will work again (as seen with the new green tower that I have re-added).

Although reuploading the .STL objects seems to fix the issue, many of my students are very disheartened with the thought of having to redo all their hard work. Is there anyway to reset this without re-uploading every model?

Thank you.

Hi @tpapworth,

Thanks for sharing your example. I’ve been in touch with our developers and can confirm that precise camera collision for items will be only applied to recently uploaded items going forward.

Would you be able to share your student spaces via PM with me? We’d like to help you updating the spaces with the correct collisions again :slight_smile:

Thanks Stefan,

I’m a bit confused about what has happened with these objects. Prior to today, all the uploaded .STL models have been functioning with precise camera collision with no issues - Today they seem to have all been reverted back to box-collision. Has there been a update?

I have 45+ students working on their own individual 3D environments - Some students have spent hours coding their custom objects with additional features (opening doors etc). Will you be able to revert the objects back to precise collision without deleting or reseting this code? (I don’t want my students to lose their work - This is an assessment task).

Additionally, is there an easy way to share 45+ student work samples (two classes) with you and your team?

Thanks for your support with this matter. I really appreciate it.

In my case, when 3D objects are imported, they lose their core patterns.
For example, if you create a transparent 3D object and import it into Cospaces, it will not be transparent.
Is there any way around this? Thank you

Hi @armandoamb,

Could you share examples of 3D objects that lose their core patterns?