Disappearing objects

After completing a work that I shared and posted in the public gallery, all (but only one no) of the 3D objects disappeared. Why? Has anyone deleted it? Has this ever happened to you?
I did it again and now it shows, patience.
But it’s strange and I wanted to tell you about it.


Hello. My student has a similar problem. In all his works, he sees red cubes instead of most objects. What should he do to make everything normal?


CoSpaces does this when it can’t find & download the object - it’s the 3D equivalent of the broken image gif. This could be a network issue for your student, or there could be a problem with the CoSpace, in which case you should get in touch with CoSpaces Edu team and give them a remixable link to the CoSpace.

Geoff @ TechLeap

There might be a problem with the object, check the file type and everythng properly

Thanks. Yes, apparently it was an Internet problem. Because after a few days, all his things appeared in their place.

@Nepodarok I have the solution to your problem: when you load an external object you see the cube because the insertion wasn’t successful, that is, it is too heavy or you have moved it to another CoSpaces or something else but it isn’t the connection. Reload the item. Mark as solved, thanks!