Do you support vector images?

SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, etc.?

Hi @john!

currently we don’t support vector images. I recommend you to convert the vectors to high-resolution .jpg instead, then drag and drop them into CoSpaces.

Hi @john,

good news! We looked into vector images (.svg format only), and can offer support for them with our next CoSpaces update :slight_smile:

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Hi Stefan! Will you consider to add the support of PDF extension in the near future? Specifically speaking of the educational process, there are not so many resources we could implement with using all the features of AR yet but using the text docs, even the simplest ones made in this fashion would be fine and help a lot

Hi @giusto_pio,

how would you like to use the PDF documents in CoSpaces? Do you have any use-cases for your students in mind?