Door bug - won't pass through rooms

I’m unable to navigate between rooms using the new door feature - the camera simply won’t pass through the frame. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi Nicolas this is not only your problem, several CoSpacers had this problem. The CoSpaces Team is trying to solve it. See this post

Citazione Can't walk through open doorways

For the moment I solved the problem by creating a sliding door ( a glass panell which slides left or right and comes back) the Coblocks. This works always.

Thanks!! I’m new to the forum and couldn’t figure out how to find a post about it - appreciate you letting me know!

Hi @Nicole_Nicholas,

If you click on the Search Icon (magnifying glass) at the top right of the screen, this will open up the search box to enter search terms in.

Hope that helps,

Geoff @ TechLeap