Doubts about minigame using merge cube rotation

Hi there,

I am trying to code a case that I don’t know if it is covered today and the following problem has arisen:

I have created a space using the merge cube technology where on the upper side I have placed a purple box, on the left side a green box and on the right side a blue box.

On the other side I have created a pumpkin that is going to fall little by little and the aim of the game is to know with which box the pumpkin collides. My thought was to take advantage of the functionality that when the cube is rotated the pumpkin continues to fall vertically but is not affected. Is this functionality possible today?

I have tested moving the cube with the hand to the left but the object continues to fall as it had been preset in the beginning (it collides with the purple box). I have also tried to put that when the cube is turned to the left the pumpkin is positioned in another place but it doesn’t work either, as it falls down, not towards any box.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I have created a space :

I hope someone could help me,

Thank you all,

Have a lovely day,