Edu PRO vs Edu BASIC

If I make a VR environment in my PRO account and want to share it with someone who has a BASIC account, will all my stl’s, numerous scenes and specific characters that aren’t offered in the BASIC program still be viewable and accessible? We are looking at demonstrating lessons across our district and we hope this is an option to hook people in with the free version then pull them to the paid version. Only issue is if all of the custom aspects are still viewable in the BASIC. Thanks!

Hi Mike,

you don’t even need an account to view shared spaces. Just install the CoSpaces Edu app and either type the shared link in a browser address bar or you can also scan the QR code using the app. Both ways will open the space in play mode for the viewer.

Hey Ben, will ambassadors still receive free licences when the new prices are increased? Mine do not expire until September, however I am just inquiring. Thanks

Hey Mike. Ambassadors will still receive some compensation; what that compensation will be is yet to be decided but as soon as I know, I’ll update you. Thanks