Embedding Video Files?

I’d like to embed video files into a space and have the video/audio playback be controlled through events. Is this possible?

It would be like embedding an animated GIF, but instead an MP4 with an audio track.



Hey Mike,

As far as I know this is not possible but I am sure that they might be working on things like this in the future. It would be nice to create a container that could be linked to a Youtube video or the like.


Hi Mike,

we are working on such a feature and already have internal prototypes. But it can take a while until it’s ready. Can you give me an exact example on how you want to use it, in what context?



Hi Benny, in my case, I would like to be able to project a video on a hemispherical screen so that the user can evaluate in VR the best distance with the screen to optimize the feeling of immersion in the image with this kind of screen. Using vidéo in 3D would make sense in this case.
Here is an example of what I would like to model with CoSpaces:

Simulation of the Flying theater of Dynamic Attractions (3min21)



Interesting example. It looks like a cut 360° video projected on the hemispherical screen. We will have a look at it.


It would be nice to be able to add YouTube videos too! :slight_smile:


I have another example that we would like to be able to use. Is this possible in CoSpaces?
Fire Practice in Swedish

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Video files cannot be implemented yet but it is something we are looking into.

I would also love to be able to ad short video clips and podcasts for lessons, I am loving the features so far

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We hope to release video implementation very soon. We will keep you updated with our progress :slight_smile:

I also would like to have video. In my case, I teach Deaf students and would like to have ASL videos to share the info embeded within the virtual world.

I had a student add videos: https://cospac.es/edu/Lewh Not sure how he did it.

These are not videos but animated gifs. Can be added in the PRO version. Videos are also going to be available soon.

I would likewise love to have the capacity to promotion short video cuts and podcasts for lessons,
Car Walls

This is step its useful and getting helpfull for me assignment writing academic level of student video file its good idea to increase my knowledge.

No you are did not do mp4 like gif
You can used photoshop to make photos moved but its very hard
Thank you

Is this imminent? I too work with children with hearing loss, but in a listening and spoken language program. There is no signing. I would like to be able to embed a video that is activated with an event or click within the space. The video would be a short mp4 to illustrate or elaborate a concept. in addition, being able to do this would allow much more storytelling to be done by students, vocabulary learning etc.

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When my students uploaded video they can see it, but not hear it. I see what you are saying. It would be a great feature.

Hi, any news about the availability of embedding videos into scenes?

Hi @mariochiesa,

we’re currently working on interfaces to allow you to control videos in CoSpaces and in CoBlocks. It’s getting close :slight_smile:

We’re also looking for feedback about video use cases:

  1. How long, in average, do you expect your uploaded videos to be?
  2. Is a video storage limit of 50MB per space enough to provide meaningful content?
  3. Would you need more than one video-item per scene?