Embedding Video Files?


Hi Stefan,
Good news!
1 : 3 MB to 10 MB in average
2 : Yes
3 : Yes


Hi Stefan, super good news!
Very excited to test the new feature…
We’re working on new content for a research project with several tests and evaluations in classrooms from mid october 2018 until may 2019 so, the sooner the better!

Currently we have videos with dimensions from 13MB to 30MB, mp4 encoding, 1280x720, stereo.

I understand i need to upload them in a new ‘Video upload’ section of the UI, but i’m not sure if, during the VR experience, the video will be downloaded at the beginning (when the user clicks ‘Play’ for the initial scene of the space, or when the action moves from one scene to the other) and then played at request, or it will be streamed at runtime - let’s say when the user clicks a ‘Play’ button within the scene (or an event occurs) to start playing the video.

Both Yes to question 2 and 3; but i can deal with only one video-item per scene…

Another great advancement (but i’ll open a new thread or search for existing one…) would be the ability to properly manage textures for imported 3d objects. Also this was a ‘coming feature’… any news about it?


Controlling the playback of a video will be done via video item inspector or via CoBlocks / script method. This means that creators have full freedom to decide when a video should be played and stopped.

For our platform it makes sense to offer streaming of videos to reduce the time it takes to load a space. We are looking into our options for the final behaviour.


:crossed_fingers: for OGG and WEBM support.


Very much informative. thanks


Thanks for your reply in July. I’m going to roll out several new cospaces spaces in the next days/weeks and it would be really nice to know when this new video feature will be available. If it’s a matter of few days/weeks (before end of September?) I can wait and upload and embed videos and the interactions with them still in time for my next research deadline. If it will be release afterwards, I need to start now to modify and convert my video in animated gifs, and extract audio… not the preferred solutions anyway :slight_smile:
Any info available?
Thanks in advance…
btw, similar question about texture supporting for 3d imported objects…


Hi @mariochiesa,

we have a monthly update schedule and Video Panels were unfortunately not part of this month’s release.

About texture support: which file format do you plan to use? We already support .obj + .mtl files with textures, and to a limited extend, .fbx files with textures.

If you want you can send me some example models via PM so we can try upload and testing them.


@Stefan is there any updates regarding embedding videos to the spaces?


Hi @Stefan,
in the November update there is still no support for videos; it’s more than a year that is announced and said that will be release “soon”… at the beginning of September its release was “close”, then was “not part of next monthly update” (October). So i was really waiting for it with this November update…

any final hint about its release?



Hi @mariochiesa,

We’ve been working on it and have something to show soon. Not much longer :slight_smile:


.mp4 files with audio support
40 MB limit for each video
start and stop actions within CoBlocks…
in the next week update…
great news! super! can’t wait to try… :grinning:


This is awesome, so glad to hear that it will be built in!!!


Hi @Stefan,
just tried the new Cospace update, with video support!
Super, finally! Thnaks!

Just one BIG problem: it seems video starts immediately as you launch the space.
Of course i can put a ‘Stop video’ block right under ‘When Play clicked’, but since i think this is the most common case, i suggest to change the default behaviour of videos in cospaces.



Hi @mariochiesa,

The Video Item comes with special options you can set via the Item inspector. We’ll release Video Item tutorial(s) soon :slight_smile:


Sorry, didn’t try for the inspector… everything was already there!
Will those properties be available from CoBlocks in the future?