Exporting and Downloading Created Environment

Is there a way to export or download student created environments to be used outside of the app. For example using the created VR worlds with Metaverse portal functionality

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There are 3D scene formats around, like glTF and FBX (see http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/3D_file_format ), NS ideally you could link to other CoSpaces scenes in other people’s projects without having to load up too much first. I can’t think of any incentive for CoSpaces to create export functionality in the application…

The incentive would be to add another tear to their subscription service. IF people could download their creations and then sell them on the NFT market, it would bring them a HUGE new user base. My students are designing homes at the moment and some of them are miraculous. I am sure they could sell them as a Metaverse ready home for those who want a home to go with their metaverse property.

With that said, the additional effort for the cospace team to develop this would probably be quite significant.