Exporting Objects and/or Copying Between Scenes

I apologize if this has been addressed somewhere else in the forum, but is it possible to share objects between scenes or projects? For example, if I created a group of building blocks like the robot in the tutorial space, am I able to share that between spaces or scenes? This is a lot of have to rebuild if students are needing to use them in different spaces.

Hi Kody,

yes you can select, copy & paste objects in CoSpaces like you would do with text in a text editor using the common keyboard shortcuts like Cmd + C (copy) and Cmd + V (paste).

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How might this work on an iPad? My students would like to do this, but all have iPads…

Hi @Jill_Codding, it’s not currently possible on an iPad, unfortunately, except with duplication. Copying CoBlocks code should be possible though.

This would make a good feature request.


Thank you. I will figure out how to do a feature request. :slight_smile: I appreciate the reply.

Just create a new post/topic with the tag “feature request” :blush: