Extruding shapes along a path

I have been making a marble run physics simulation over the past wee while. I have used many many shapes to make this. Then I had the thought that if it was possible to extrude a shape along a path, it would have made this task much much easier. There are also many other ways this feature could be used as well to make custom shapes.

What do others think?

Further to this. I have been trying to build something that does this in CoSpaces. I have built a path and want to stamp a cut torus along the path to create a marble run.

How do I copy and stamp items along the path? I’ve tried using ‘create a copy’, but not sure how this works

Sounds like a good feature request. Duplicating, grouping, then duplicating the group, and re-grouping with the first group, then attaching to a point on the path seems like the only way here. You can add multiple points on the path to attach to, but sometimes attaching it changes the orientation of the object and then it’s time-consuming to tidy up.

Or create custom extrusions in another application and import.