FDP flood escape release

I just published an educational fractions decimals and percentages flood escape parkour game! Now that I finished a required project, I can start working on finishing the sky parkour 3.


Ooooh, Nice. I like your ideas! :]

Wow, this was actually a challenge! For my first try I just answered wrong to see what happened, would the platform disappear or something? Nope the game just ends right there and then. Okay then.

As for my second try, it was actually going quite fast come to think of it. The water was definitely moving at a speed that kept me on-edge, even with my mathematical skills (which are quite good.) I definitely wasn’t expecting the finish pad to ask a final question. But I should have known that it’d do anything to screw me over… :stuck_out_tongue:

And I answered it. I clicked on the correct response, but I fumbled to close the dialog box in time because of my fingers. The Quiz panel doesn’t run it’s “correct answer” code until you close it, and I thought that I was going to run out of time. I closed the panel with 1 second remaining and won.

Well, good game. For a second there I thought I had completed it but failed to reap the rewards… that’s always a stupid rule, but I honestly like stupid rules like those… the house does anything to screw you up lol.

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