Feature request: Able to change the size of your cospaces/grid

Able to change size of your cospaces is gonna be sooooo useful! I have a asteroid dodging game where you have to dodge asteroids. The problem is, my cospaces is too small! i think having the ability to change size of your cospaces is gonna be AWESOME :+1:.

Sincerely, @EricTheDragon

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Note that if you attach your camera to a helper object, you can scale everything down really small, which gives you more space. Here’s an example:

Compare this with the original CoSpace at:

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

Geoff @ TechLeap


Hello @techleapnz

Yeah, but what i want is the camera itself to be able to go pass the barrier because mine is a FPS. Also, you can’t edit outside the barrier and its kinda annoying. I still want there to be a barrier, just a bigger barrier.


In that case, just make your person/helper object completely transparent! There are always going to be limitations with any system or application - the key is to work with or around the limitations. What I’ve shown above is a workaround, but I get that it would be cool to increase the grid size.


I have a few issues with this. When scaling down the elements and attaching the camera to an object, similarly to the example above, I have to code the object so it can move forward or backward when pressing keys on the keyboard. The main problem is that when assigning a key for movement from the keyboard, the experience becomes unusable using a VR headset (Quest 2) because it doesn’t recognize the same keys. Somehow controllers work when we don’t set any keys for movement. How do we make the movement possible using the headset’s controllers? Is there a way to do that?

@MH_HJIS This solution only works for devices with keyboard access, however you could implement a teleport solution using the RayCast API, similar to this:

Instead of right_mouse_button, you’d use primary.

Hope that helps!

Geoff @ TechLeap

Thank you for your reply.
I understand that there is no way to make it work on the Quest 2 then if using a keyboard is a requirement. That’s very unfortunate that Co-space doesn’t allow that much. I can understand that increasing the grid would be a complex modification to operate but making a possible connection with VR headset controllers using the code should be more feasible and seems like a crucial improvement…

I hope Co-spaces team hears me out on this. (or should I fill up a feature request?)