Feature request: adding a option to view the users profile and projects

So basically, what Iโ€™m saying is to add a way to view the users profile just like scratch. Can we add this option in the future?

Hi @Blazifying,

CoSpaces Edu is currently focused on providing a platform for schools, with a teacher/student setup. In this context, especially as only teachers can post to the Gallery (for privacy reasons), I think there is little use for such a feature. For after-school clubs etc, this may be useful though.

These are just my opinions.


Sometimes though, itโ€™s cool seeing what other creations others made. I do think it might be useful.

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Are you aware that you can search for the username in the Gallery? (e.g. โ€œtechleapโ€)

No. I was unaware. Sorry for the late reply