FEATURE REQUEST- Cloud variables

In my exploration with scratch, a coding platform just like cospaces but in 2d, there are cloud variables, that can only contain numbers to save progress, high scores, etc. I really want to make a game with high scores, so I made this feature request.


Nice I love it! You get to do multiplayer AND do all that cloud variable stuff NICE.

@CoSpaces Devs You have to see this!!!


I agree, this would be a great step toward making these interactive games that kids love to play with in cospaces.


Fingers crossed everyone :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Mr blake bob I’m I was saying where’s the cloud variables at

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nice @Bladebob20000 cant wait what u can accomplish :grinning:

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Here’s a simple high score saving game I made on scratch using Cloud variables;

Ps. To see the code, click see inside on the top.(Its really like cospaces)

Nice! New follower! :DDDDD

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You’re Bearly smart??

@Bladebob20000 Nah, that’s my friend, i use my friends account, he lets me lol.

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Cloud variables also is live, so when a number in a cloud changes, other people viewing the project gets almost immediate changes.

I also would like to request a username input so that instead of having to choose your nickname, your username is automatically generates in the project.

For example, if I write this code;

This is what happens;