Feature Request: Flip path direction

I’d really love it if you could have a switch for direction in the path settings.

I am currently creating a model using Google Earth terrain, and am recreating the coastal road on our local peninsula. It is a very complicated path! I want to be able to duplicate this path to create two lanes for the road. If i do this currently the paths will be in the same direction, and I want the second to be in the opposite direction. I can’t just rotate the whole path as it will be out of alignment then.

Hence flipping the direction would be very useful!


Hi - please take a look at the following.

I think this gives you a way to walk a path in the reverse direction

walking back on a path

As you can see, the person is traveling with its back towards the path but still — this is a possible solution

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Hi Frank,

Great idea, I should have thought of that :grinning::+1:

Thanks for that, but it only works (well) for straight lines.
With curves (or lines with bends), a few problems arise.

  1. the figure is always turned the same way. This could be overcome via programming, but it will be cumbersome, i think.
  2. when control points are added to a line, their index numbers are put at the end of the index, and not between the index of the two points surrounding them. Thus, if you run a loop through the indexes, the character is Warping from point to point :slight_smile:

a reversal function would be a brilliant thing.

Best regards,

Unfortunately this link leads nowhere