Feature Request: Multiplayer!

Is there any work being done to have Multiplayer Spaces? Would be great to have spaces that 2 or more players could inhabit simultaneously.


Just trying to clarify…Do you mean multiple students can “work” or “build” in the space together (which is already a feature with creating a Group Project on the teacher side) or do you mean multiple students can “play” in the same space when it is running?

I mean playing together in a space. Students can already build together, but can’t play


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+1 for this feature request. Interestingly, Hubs by Mozilla (which uses WebVR) allows multiple users and accepts a GLTF URL as the scene, so being able to export a space as GLTF might be a workaround?


Gotcha, Iain! Sorry, just wanted to check! Love the idea, so +1 for me!

An example of this…

Willi has created this amazing space and is asking for help taking it further. Wouldn’t it be amazing if several students could play this game together in VR!

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Funny, I was thinking the same thing about that game - great Kiwi PLD facilitators think alike!