Feature Request: Neon Texture

Another feature request. I was wondering if there could be a glowing texture for items, ie. a texture that cannot be affected by light?

Hi @Thermal_Laboratories,

Are there any examples in which you’d like to use a glowing texture? It helps us a lot to understand the context in which you’d like to use this feature :slight_smile:

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I like to make my own models out of the building blocks, and when I make TVs or fluorescent lights I have to use squares because the 2D shapes don’t really respond to light, which gives them a sort of glowing effect, but I thought it would be cool if there were a texture for 3D shapes that works like that.

Hi @Thermal_Laboratories,
You can make a transparent object with a bright color to make a glowing effect.

See also Feature Request - Allow items to be light sources