Feature Request: Sharing Student Spaces Easily

I’ve been through several projects this school year already and I’m finding the process of making student working publicly accessible very tedious and time consuming.

Currently, the process is this:

  1. Student shares work as unlisted.
  2. I have to open a student’s space.
  3. Click on the Share button.
  4. Click on the Share Link option.
  5. Copy/paste the URL.
  6. Screenshot the QR Code (I can’t right click and “save image as…”)
  • I have to go through all 6 steps for every single student.

I’d like the ability to access the share link and the QR code to be much easier. If the link and QR Code could be accessible right from the Assignment page or from the student’s Free Play page as a menu option.

It would also be nice if I could right click on a QR code to “save image as…” instead of only being able to screenshot it.

Also, it would be really great if the teacher could get a whole page of the links and QR codes for an assignment all at once.


I agree, Michael; and as students can no longer have access to CoSpaces once they’ve been removed from a class, there’s the additional step of copying to My Spaces in order for them to still be able to view their space - a slightly different use-case, but with my work, students are only using CoSpaces for 3-6 months.

Geoff @ TechLeap

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Great feature request, thanks for the feedback!

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I also have a thought to this SHARING issue. Wouldn’t it be great if we could share all the projects done for a specific assignment? Like a share feature to an assignment? That way all students/parents/admin at a school could see all the spaces for a particular project with one link/QR code.


Hey, @Coralie! Any updates on making sharing easier for teachers and students?

Hi Michael,

We’ve looked into many suggestions from educators using CoSpaces Edu (thanks a lot for the feedback!) and are currently working on making sharing and accessing CoSpaces easier.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


This was solved in another thread. The solution is HERE

Hey, @Drew_Gollias! Thanks for bringing this feature quest back to my attention. It’s still pretty tedious sharing student projects.

@Coralie @Nikolay Any things in the work for making sharing student CoSpaces easier for teachers?