Feature request: Show last login date for student accounts

We use CoSpaces a lot in our after school classes and ran two CoSpaces related competitions recently. We switch students out on our licence plan as the group changes. However, we always allows students who wanted to continue to work at home to keep using their accounts until we needed to assign it to someone new.

It would be great if on the list of student accounts on the license plan it would state last active on (date) or so many days ago to see which accounts are still used. Last thing we want is for a girl excited about coding and CoSpaces loosing access :slight_smile:

In case anyone is interested, here is a link to our past competitions https://www.orcsgirls.org/cospaces

Thank you

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Thank you for your feature request. We will add this to our discussion board.

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Yes, I agree that this is a much needed feature! We have over 1000 students and about half of them change each year as they move on to new schools. It’s very difficult to manage this without knowing when students last used the platform.

Would be great to have a search function in the user list too, plus a few filter/sort options.

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Hi @iaincb,

currently you can search for students’ names, usernames and classes. The search is located at the top of the page:


Regarding filter/sort options: any specific options that you would find useful?

Hi Magdalena,

Thanks for the reply! I think it would be really useful if you could filter results by class, account type, last login and date account created.

Got it, thanks for the feedback!

PS: To filter students by class, type the class name into the search.

Hi @iaincb @tproffen

On the last CoSpaces December 2020 release, we got the “Last login” date in the User Menu.
Teachers can see when users were last online and sort by full name or last login.

A short video here:


Thanks a lot for your comments!

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